From Disruption to Disruptor

Is the new player in the market slowing down your sales? Have you seen any decline in customers signing up for your new business deal lately? Many times, we have seen startup beaten up at their own game due to superior marketing or technology entry into the market. It is hard enough to see your sales declining and competitors getting stronger, more so when you do not have a business backup plan or better solution to claim back your customers. How do you get back on your feet and hit back with a winning product or services at such times like these? Don’t lose heart yet, we are here to help you win back and become a true disruptor. Read More

The Power of Inbound Marketing

When traditional marketing methods for a business failed to bring the desired results in terms of sales or attracting new customers, a business needs to find a new approach and method to promote its products and services. Instead of frequently interrupting customers or intruding their space which is mostly the case in traditional marketing or outbound marketing, a new and non-intrusive but more effective marketing method is crucial for successful marketing. Read More

Why Choose Wordpress for Your Business Site?

So you have finally launched your startup and everything seems to be in order based on your business rulebook. How about creating a strong online presence for a disruptive brand campaign? Chances are you already have a plan and budget for this and you are about to start. But wait a minute, here is something that can change your whole online experience and impact of your business. Read More

IoT Devices Are Here - Are You In?

Ever heard of a light bulb that changes its lighting based on the song you are listening on your phone? Would it be cool if your refrigerator texts you when your milk is out of stock? What if your smartphone can control all the lighting, fan speed, ac settings, and microwave timer? No, we are not talking about the next big thing in tech, the fact is, as you are reading this, most of these products are already in the market! These set of devices aka Internet of Things devices are what powered many factories, business, and healthcare already for a long time now, but now they have become more accessible to the masses. Read More

Building Product On Assumption - A Catastrophic Mistake!

Did you know you could get your marketing and management right, have great pool of talents full of enthusiasms, and sufficient fund but still fail in your business? Yes, you read that right. Your business is still at risk if one of the most crucial factor, the product is overlooked. This is the cold hard truth that led many businesses to fail. No, we are not trying to discourage you but point out these hard truths to help you work smarter for your business to succeed. Read More

Doing Digital Marketing The Right Way

Digital marketing needs no introduction but the right ways of digital marketing do. Do you think having a cool looking business site and publishing a press release once is good enough for successful marketing? Though these will play important role in promoting your brand or products, we are here to tell you more effective ways to make a successful promotion for your business. So, let’s jump right in and explore this plethora of options to take this online marketing opportunity. Read More

AI and our ever changing future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is influencing the future of every industry and every individual. The emergence of most new technologies can be credited to the rapid development in AI field and its fast adoption in the industry. The future of AI is to be a technological innovator, push boundaries and this will further lead to the birth of new technologies. AI has managed to create significant changes in major industries such as in healthcare,though still in the nascent stage,diseases are now rapidly discovered and accurately diagnosed; Read More